After hours Assistance

We are so sorry you are having a problem with your stay!

Problems checking in:

Please refer to your paperwork you received from us via email or regular mail. Your final confirmation will have check-in instructions.

If you are staying in a vacation rental and have already picked up your packet or arrived at the rental please call the number for the Management Company you are reserved with. This information should be in the check-in packet or in the unit if you were able to get in.

If you forgot your check-in information you can try to contact us after hours: by email: You can email: mike @ (without spaces). by phone: 1-800-844-3246. Choose "existing reservation" and leave us a message. Existing messages are checked periodically.

Please note that InIdaho is a staff of 4 and is not open 24 hours. If it is very late, past 11pm, you may need to visit the various property management companies to see if your packet is there. We know this isn't the best solution, but may help you find your rental.

Other Problems:

If you are having unit problems such as heat, cleanliness, water, etc. please contact the management company directly. All of our professionally managed units have 24 emergency numbers either on your check-in packet or in the unit.

Do you have access to email on your phone?

Please do a search for emails from us that may help you checking in. All of our emails will be from

Our Hours

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Please call us and leave a message or fill out the email request form to the left and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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10:00am - 2:00pm (hours may vary, but we check phone messages and emails)


Leave Us A Message


We are not open 24 hours, but emergency messages are sent to us via email so we hope we can help you.