InIdaho Review
(How our company did in the reservation process)

Marie ,    

  Overall Rating:   Out of five:
4  out of 5
      Out of three:  
  Web site easy to use:   2 out of 3  
  Staff helpful:   2 out of 3  
  Prompt::   3 out of 3  
  Use us again:   3 out of 3  
  Recommend us:   2 out of 3  
  Reason used InIdaho   Ability to check all with one call  

Comments: Booking the lodging was great - easy and quick. Booking the rafting trip was a bit more difficult with issues around multiple profiles and double-booking the trip. Everyone I spoke with on the phone was very friendly and helpful, but the stuff online was kinda messy - like I tried to confirm the house reservation three times and was told none of them went through, the link to fill in personal info for the rafting trip didn't work, etc. Also, the confirmation emails are kinda tough to read with all the different colored fonts and highlighting and bolding - it's hard to pick out the important information because it's just a lot to look at visually. Otherwise things were good, checking in/out of the house was easy, and the house was awesome.


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